Suggestions for TDU3 (or TDU2 updates)

#1Scott_H351Posted 7/6/2011 2:22:56 PM
I've included my list of TDU3/TDU2 suggestions and encourage any TDU2 players to
make their own suggestions.......

* easier/legit ways to make a lot of money
* remove the mandatory license tests (have an optional 'training grounds' instead)

* ability to change tracks while club racing
* ability to enable/disable collisions in club races (especially off-road)
* ability to block certain clubs from your choice of opponents
* ability to block certain tracks while club racing
* ability to choose your opponent in club-vs-club races

* ability to transfer money from club account into a personal account (or offer more
cars/items to be purchased by the club)
* ability to transfer funds player-to-player
* add a public bulletin board in the club so members can leave messages
* remove the "Jolt" missions (interesting concept...terrible gameplay)
* add reverse version of each track
* lose the airport, clothing, and furniture
* ability to change cars 'anytime'
* remove all weather requirements for the photo missions
* give GPS directions to photo locations

#2K2000kiddPosted 7/6/2011 9:17:55 PM
TDU2 being the train wreck is likely killed the franchise
We won't be seeing 3 and if so it will be a year before i buy it
This game is why i'll never in my life PRE-order again
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#3OgabugabugaPosted 7/17/2011 8:12:24 PM
well one major point and this goes for all game companies,

if you make a game, take you freakin time making it, instead of rushing it, and just relieing heavily on a freaking patch later, kinda defeates the purpose of the "finished product" line, when you provide a crap experience, that is dang frustrating to play, and you claim to have a fix, but it never comes,

just do it right the first time, and you wouldn't need the patch to begin with, that simple,

but i also gotta agree with the TC, those were great suggestions, however after TDU2, i agree the series might be killed off, :(
#4Startech_ViperPosted 7/20/2011 8:25:38 PM
I think a good thing for a sequel would be to give us a better reason to invite people to your house. Give us the option to throw a party and have drinks (and not just in the casino). And let us swim in a pool, even if it's just a short cut scene. Also, give us more cars to purchase. Why do a majority of car games not give us more than two or three Mopars but you have 4 different versions of the same car that just have different colors? And yes, I'm talking about the Bugatti Veyron. I haven't downloaded the other two (or any dlc for this game for that matter) but give us more cars that we don't have, not that we do have.
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