Miner questions yes I mean miner not minor

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6 years ago#1
how often are you supposed to get the investigation tunnels, I get them 90% of the time and it's really annoying when I'm trying to get my entire town connected through a network of tunnels.
6 years ago#2
I have the opposite problem, ahahah. I'm trying to get more Investigation tunnels but they keep on just plowing through without coming across one. I'm not really sure what the chances are but wonder if there's anything really worth getting from those investigation tunnels. So far, every sim I've sent down has come up extra crispy except for one and he didn't bring anything useful back.

I kinda' got ticked off at the travel tunnels though, the travel time is way too long in my opinion and should be at least half as long to be even remotely beneficial over a moderately fast car even if the holes are on exact opposite sides of town (Might be incredibly useful in the travel locations though not being cars around and all that, although I haven't tried just yet).
6 years ago#3
from the tunnel investigations you can get a cool new outfit and hairstyle. kinda makes you look very 10000BC like :P
6 years ago#4
^ i got that from traveling to the past in the time machine, if its the same costume im thinking of
6 years ago#5
I wonder how many time travel/underground adventure exclusive outfits there are out there?

My current main female sim has got a medieval dress and hat as well as a nice sleek futuristic body suit from time traveling that I like quite a bit. ^_^ The ghosts in the Ghost Hunting career seem to wear two variations of historic clothes for each gender so there should be at least that many for going to the Past, but for the Future, that's still a mystery to me.
6 years ago#6
unlockoutfits on

On a cursory glance, I counted one pre-historic, and two really dumb looking leather body suits with tubes.
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