What will happen if both of your parents die as a teenager?

#1nice_shotPosted 7/10/2010 3:28:43 AM
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#2L_M_4Posted 7/10/2010 7:30:43 PM
Forcibly abducted by social worker
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#3Pandor25Posted 7/15/2010 6:50:21 PM
Hmmm maybe you never get born?
#4amysu88Posted 7/18/2010 4:19:15 AM
Teenage sims should be able to live on their own if both of their parents die. Child sims and younger will be taken by the social worker if there isn't a teen or older living on the lot anymore.
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#5doppelgangPosted 7/24/2010 2:29:53 PM

Although, when my single mother sim (who had a baby and a toddler) had a rather...shocking.... experience with a Trash Compacter, the social workers never showed up.