This could be the biggest game is Sonys arsenal...

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I think that Sony needs to make this a game of the year candidate. Not just a game that will make Socom fans happy, but a game that will appeal to all gamers. I agree that first and foremost they need to appeal to the fans that have stuck by Socom for all the years (like me), but then they need to make it accessible to all fans of shooters. This has the potential to help Sony overtake the 360 in sales. I can appreciate the fact that they wanted to continue some different IP's and create new ones, but this game might have the biggest following of any title they have, as far as multiplayer goes. I have confidence that Zipper will make this the best Socom yet, but I hope they understand just how big a game this can be. Imagine... God of War III is the best action adventure game, Drake's is the best 3rd person action shooter, Gran Turismo could be the best racer, Socom 4 could be the best 3rd person Military shooter, then couple that with the Playstation Move and you might just have the 2nd wind for the Ps3. This game however if it is fantastic could be the game to get this holiday season and a game that propels the Ps3 to the top. IMO.

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It'll probably have a bigger following than the other SOCOMs, but it'll probably lose a lot of the old SOCOM II vets at the same time. Mind you, that'll depend on how different the campaign is from the multiplayer. They might remove the cover system and that crap from online, so it'll be interesting to see. One thing's fore sure...after seeing the footage that I saw, I'm not impressed nor am I excited. Even if the multiplayer is great, that's still only half the experience for me, because I loved the campaigns in the old SOCOMs, and they totally butchered it.
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I agree 100%. The game didn't look good at all so I hope they step it up soon. Mind you the was a pre alpha bulid too though.

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I hope they don't make this appeal to all gamers. Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, and Battlefield appeal to most shooter fans, and although I don't think they're terrible, I'm getting very tired of them.
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