I must admit, this game isn't addictive

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I gave up with this game despite giving it a chance (first time I've visited this board in months actually). The SOCOM feeling I once had is gone. The new style of gameplay just doesn't fit my interests and the SOcrack feeling is dead. I've seen some of the updates, and they just aren't impressive nor improve the game enough. I feel Zipper tried to be too radical with the changes they made and capture an audience that never came. It's really sad because this series used to be the best online shooter that Sony had. With abysmal sales, I have a feeling we won't see another SOCOM unless it returns to its PS2 roots. Even then, I don't know if they can fix the damage they caused and bring back their own audience. This is one of the few games that I have buyer's remorse, and I will probably not buy another SOCOM game again. The amount of lies from Zipper about supporting their "core fans" and listening to the community has left a very bad impression on me. The core gameplay and controls on the older games were perfect. You_Need_A_Life couldn't have said it better, "In order to play the game, you need to fight against it, and that's just not right." While I'm glad some people enjoy the game, I just couldn't get used to the changes they made and decided to give up entirely.
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It still seems like you're all just whining over very minor things which do not greatly affect the overall quality of the game though. Really.
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Gabesnake II posted...
It still seems like you're all just whining over very minor things which do not greatly affect the overall quality of the game though. Really.

Sorry we have standards, guy. But go ahead, your opinion right, sir? That this abomination is good? Eh? Go on, guy, enjoy it. It's okay, no offense. :)
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lol @ GoldenMaven still being here.

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I have been playing SOCOM since 1. Not sure how anyone can argue that these games are anything like the first ones. In the first two SOCOM's your character did exactly what you wanted. In Confrontation your guy glitches out and doesn't do what you input in the controller consistently. Controls are just plain wonky. Hit detection is horribly inconsistent. Your guy couldn't even strafe over a piece of wood until they patched it.

All Socom needs are good maps, proper controls that work and are reliable, lobbies, and good hit detection. Things started going downhill when they made the big maps with the vehicles.

I only played the beta for 4 for a half hour and that was the end of that. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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They should just make a game with confrontation game play, 1 and 2 maps (only), a single player campaign that was difficult like the first one, make it easy to get killed, and have the characters lose weight. Way too balky.

BTW Confrontation is closer to old socom than this one. The cover thing makes me feel like Im playing Rainbow 6.