Stuck in Forgotten Gate

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6 years ago#1
Ok... I still need like 3 balls, and I'm way high up on the right side. I raised this bridge, then went up there.... crossing the bridge toward these traps that shoot arrows. I blew them up with bombs. At the end... there is a place higher up, but I can't get up there. I can't jump and there is nothing to attach my hook to.... any thoughs on this?
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6 years ago#2
Did you try your spears?
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6 years ago#3
Lol, thanks. I hadn't used them in awhile. Doh!
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6 years ago#4
The area you're describing has ladders to the right. I may be mistaken. But there is nowhere in that level where you get cutoff from the reaching any part of the rest of the level. It is possible to put yourself into the position where one ball doesn't make it down to the puzzle floor, though, in which case you lose the achievement, but you can get through the puzzle by simply standing on the spot where the last ball would have gone.

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