Stuck on Spider Tomb bridge

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5 years ago#1
After you extend the bridge, as you cross it, a big roller with spikes drops down (she says "that's just not fair"), and when you blow up the barrels, the spikey roller comes towards you. I cannot get past that part because I cannot figure out what to do to. Any tips?
5 years ago#2
The easy way is to just hang off the edge of the bridge.

While incredibly difficult, it's also possible to bomb the grinder into the air and go under it as it rolls towards you.
5 years ago#3
Lay down a bomb and as soon as the roller gets to it, detonate the bomb.

The roller will jump in the air for a second, run under it. It actually isn't very difficult at all but may take a couple tries.

As for hanging on the edge... I never knew you could even do that :/
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