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Custom map selection fills up slowly. Any way around this? (Archived)thecrazyfrog112/17/2012
Playing through this for the first time. (Archived)Distant_Rainbow112/16/2012
anyone who hasn't played co-op (Archived)mignoncurieux112/10/2012
New Offline Splitscreen problem... Game is pre-beat, can't change it. (Archived)oGuardianHXo111/28/2012
I want to share this. (Archived)Ultimate_Nova_X411/8/2012
finally finished teh single player game. loved the very end *spoilers* (Archived)E32005110/21/2012
So me and my friend have been trying to play Custom co-op levels. (Archived)twa556110/16/2012
Anyone who hasn't played co-op (Archived)mignoncurieux410/15/2012
New duo commentary, playing custom co=op maps (Archived)SevenSilhouette110/14/2012
Had to share these maps, they are just to cool! (Archived)SevenSilhouette110/5/2012
Coop trouble. (Archived)Chielz0r110/2/2012
If there's anyone that doesn't have the game yet, I have a copy I'm trading. (Archived)darthn31219/30/2012
Disappointed in ending *spoilers (Archived)Metroidfan372489/26/2012
Co-op partner (Archived)X_Thefus19/20/2012
75% off coupon (Archived)Solarman9839/11/2012
Portal 2 is offensive against orphans. (Archived)scigeek10139/8/2012
Any idea what might be causing this graphical glitch? (Archived)Auto2112MBE49/5/2012
Looking for a coop buddy (Archived)JManGT19/4/2012
is it possible to play coop by yourself with a bot.. (Archived)MBBDarigon39/4/2012
Why I have problem with this game? (Archived)papaya29/2/2012
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