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I'm sorta confused, how do you... *Spoilers for new DLC maybe* (Archived)ChetleyDew75/21/2012
it is kind of sad when the story arc for the user made maps end (Archived)MindManipulator15/21/2012
coop partner (Archived)Orange1234515/20/2012
Map rebuild errors. (Archived)LinkinLawg25/20/2012
professor portal achievement? (Archived)VentKazemaru65/20/2012
Redirection cube and franken cube dropper glitches (Archived)gwogwogwo15/20/2012
Okay now THIS feature is cool (my first chamber) (Archived)Draconiator35/18/2012
My first real map....took many hours to make. Please enjoy! (Archived)rabbit99235/18/2012
Minigame Test (Archived)gwogwogwo15/17/2012
Kudos to anyone who can solve this seemingly impossible short chamber... (Archived)rasberrypoptart15/17/2012
steam friends for co-op (Archived)tiguns25/16/2012
Post your tests! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Robot Chocobo? *spoilers* (Archived)BigC_07215/16/2012
Brief 5 minute chamber well worth your time. (Warm-Up puzzle) (Archived)rasberrypoptart35/14/2012
Is this map just right in difficulty or too easy/hard? (Archived)LeonAndSnake25/14/2012
Portal 2 hasn't been working since friday. Why not? (Archived)toon_link_34615/14/2012
The Perpetual Testing Initiative - Not so good at building tests.... (Archived)lostaname65/14/2012
My younger brother made a level, someone else told him it is too complicated (Archived)SenorLovecraft25/14/2012
Portal 3 possibility? (Archived)
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It's A-Maze-Thing (new map) (Archived)London Prophet35/13/2012
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