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5 years ago#1
I wanted to ask for help finding all or most of the reptiles in game
I found the site with spruces of them
I already found some
Row 1 allosaurus, ankylosaurus,Archaeopteryx,apatosaurus,Parasaurolophus,compsognathus,dimetrodon,dinosaur,dragon,philosoraptor
Row 2 Pterosaur, raptor,spinosaurus,stegosaurus,triceratops,t-Rex,?,?,mamba,?,?,cobra,?
Row 3 Frilled lizard, gila monster,iguana,Komodo dragon,?,lizard,Python,?,?,snake,viper,alligator,Anaconda,chameleon,crocodile,Frog,?,bull frog
Row 4 Hydra,plieosaur,sea snake,Sea turtle,?,turtle,tree frog,?,?
Row 5 ?,dimorphodon,elephant bird,Iguanadon,pachycepholosaurus
Row 6 liopleurodon,?,?,?,?,sarchosuchus,snapping turtle
Row 7 ?,?,?
5 years ago#2
My greatest dream for this game is for the entire contents of Objectnaut to be leaked online (IIRC, Objectnaut is the system they used to assign attributes of an object and categorize them). In other words, it would tell exactly what items are reptiles, what items are edible, what items are capable of flight, etc.
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5 years ago#3
Wthat would be cool
5 years ago#4
Here are some that you're missing.

Row 2: Adder (or Coral Snake), Boa
Row 3: King Snake, Skink,
Row 4: Beipiaosaurus
Row 5: Microraptor (almost all feathered dinosaurs are rendered as this). Why is there no Archaeopteryx on this row?
Row 6: Galapagos Tortoise
Row 7: Axolotl

That's all I know off the top of my head... You seem to have missed a few, like the gray frog between the Plesiosaur and Sea Snake.

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5 years ago#5
Thank you for the update
5 years ago#6
The green worm thing in row 4 is a tadpole
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