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Did they change the control? (Archived)ZombiePhoenix7277/7/2010
Scripting (Archived)nintendofan6427/4/2010
I hope Lefties aren't screwed by no use of ABXY. (Archived)fawful_X57/4/2010
IGN has this as their best DS game. Why? (Archived)
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Super Rainbow Raging Dragon Who Eats People (Archived)WoIfOfLight77/1/2010
My big concern (and biggest gripe of the first one)..... (Archived)Schmack42136/28/2010
Super Scribblenauts Wish List (Archived)SomeThomas46/27/2010
The little things that you hope are in (Archived)BigRappinMonkey56/23/2010
Do you know if you can summon random objects? (Archived)TheMasked36/23/2010
I have only one question (Archived)Kirby_Lord26/22/2010
Gentlemanly Blue Raptor sipping fine cognac, while reading War and Peace (Archived)goodjobguys46/19/2010
A short HD clip from the E3 show floor (more to come) (Archived)osgcn (V)36/19/2010
The one thing I want to see in the game that I haven't heard confirmed... (Archived)Scribblenaut66/18/2010
super scribblenauts ll turbo----------------this (Archived)plasma_kirby12316/17/2010
Why?! (Archived)frozen_keesh26/16/2010
Newest E3 Trailer (Archived)isidroman26/14/2010
IGN Preview (Archived)LightMonger26/12/2010
Try to think of the most epic thing... (Archived)
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What words HAVEN'T they added yet? (Archived)
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