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6 years ago#1
Anyone think there will be any?
6 years ago#2
If they're smart.
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6 years ago#3
There will be
6 years ago#4
will it be "on-line" or "split-screen" co-op, or HOPEFULLY, both...?!
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6 years ago#5
I also want to know if it is online or off. I don't like to play offline co-op so hopefully they have online.
6 years ago#6
I would rather have both. As when my dudes are over I like to play splitscreen. Its pretty bad that everything has gone into the online era (which I love don't get me wrong) and forgotten about local splitscreen. I hope its a option..but it won't be. As far as this game having co-op only makes sense so hopefully.
6 years ago#7
Oh lord that would be beyond words sweet if there will be a co-op mode.

Play something new for a change and foremost a game where you can bind your time, strategically, carefully and taking out the tangos.
Heck I and my clan wingman will get this one.
Stockholm Island Thunder
6 years ago#8
so the splitscreen will be like COD:MW2 or RBS: Vegas 2?
6 years ago#9
actually i think there will be co-op. both splitscreen and online
I have been wanting to be a sniper since i was 11 years old and ive done a lot of research them. Every sniper is almost always required to have 1 partner known as a spotter. The spotter basically just uses like a telescope and tells the shooter coordinates, wind speed, length of the shot, and so forth...
So I believe there will be co-op
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6 years ago#10
The spotter is also the more experienced well. Either way though both the sniper and the spotter take turns on the scope. Co-op only makes sense. I als ohope it is split-screen. I do not have a xbox and I doubt my pc would be able to run it. As I am hoping to heck it comes to ps3. Chrome engine has the tools to do it..I have no idea why its not. IF you want to be a sniper choc...all branches of the military usually have some form of a marksman unit. With the exception of the air force..I do not believe they have a sniper unit lol.

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