Would you play with a mouse/keyboard if it was less awkward?

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Garudin posted...

Also I can't speak on using a controller with the PC demo(mine kept freezing whenever I tried using my wired 360 controller) but the keyboard and mouse on PC is so much easier then the 360s demo one

On the PC you have to hold a button to make the lock slid over meaning if you see it slow down or your pick shake you let go of that button and it stops right away on the 360 demo you PRESS to start it sliding across but if you want it to stop you have to press the opposite direction

Doesn't work like that on the PC with a 360 controller. If you want the slide to stop or slow down you simply lessen the pressure on the analog. There's no opposite pressing involved. I don't remember it being any different on the 360 either. The virbrations on the controller also increase the closer you are to breaking the pick, so it's very easy to ease up when they first start.
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the only 2 gripes i have about mouse+keyboard so far is aiming the attack that zips back and forth 5 times, having to hammer WASD 2 keys at a time to aim it right. then there's Reckoning mode, having to hold it and attack at the same time. both would be effortless on gamepad, but I still like mouse+keyboard control. they just need to get rid of the stupid prohibited keybinds on the full version so i can map stuff to a 6 button mouse that I prefer over a gamepad's shoulder buttons and i'll be happpy
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I used to be all about the mouse and keyboard... but now that I have my gaming rig hooked to my tv, I like relax on my bed and play with an Xbox controller :P.

The only thing I use the m/kb for now is LoL... and it is mighty uncomfortable on my bed.
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Nope this game is way beter on a controller. Its made for it, so use it. I tried it both ways, and I could get used to the mouse/keyboard, but its not as good. If your looking to get a 360 controller for pc go on amazon. I got one for 27 dollars.