CAUTION Major Glitch!

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*Spoiler Below (minor - details on when a cutscene occurs and what a quest requires) -

There is a main quest called Silence Falls in which at some point you are tasked to 'Destroy the Prismere Chantries'. Three to be exact: one is in The Keening, and the others are in Drowned Forest. They basically look like tall red towers with three crystals on top with crystals surrounding them and those red Tuatha around them. What happens when you defeat all the Tuatha is that a cut scene appears where you talk to the leader of the Tuatha. After which, you will destroy the red crystals around the tower to destroy it.

HOWEVER, these towers and more importantly, the cut scene triggers are available before you actually can be tasked with 'Destroy the Prismere Chantries'. So when you wonder around you might encounter one of these Chantries, but no matter what, if you aren't currently tasked to 'Destory the Prismere Chantries', DO NOT engage in battle with the Tuatha, and just run away because once you win, you will trigger the cut scene (which will never triggered again). Therefore when you actually have to 'Destroy the Prismere Chantries', you won't be able to finish the quest, EVER.

I accidentally did this when I was trying to save this jailed chick from trolls in The Keening, and just wasted 2 hours of playing because I'll have to revert to an older save file.

DO NOT make this mistake, and if there is a fix on this, please tell me!
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If you find this post helpful please BUMP UP this topic so the NEXT player will be WARNED. Also if you have experienced a MAJOR glitch as well, one that would cause a lot of frustration and possible gaming loss, please REPORT it on this topic. Thanks and happy playing.
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That's a pretty big deal. :( I'm glad I read this beforehand, although at the moment I think I've done all factions I can (it appears I can't travel to the eastern areas until a certain point?) so I'm going to focus on the story for now.
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Damn that sucks, losing 2 hours to that glitch. Only glitch I've encountered is with the adrenaline rush perk, instead of giving 20% HP when health is below 30%, it takes away 20% instead, instakilling me.
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i beat it fine with no issues, sorry your blew up
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Crap, already broke the crystals...Hope I can still progress...
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tag for later.

thanks for the heads-up!
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Tagged for future reference. Thanks for the heads-up yzuser, and sorry that happened to you.
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*Spoiler - (minor details about two quests)

There are two quests 'The Blades and the Seal' where you are tasked to 'Acquire the Ansilla Key' and the quest 'The Last Gastyr'. Both quests require you to go to 'Castle Gastyr' where a soldier called Hillared Gastyr is. The quest 'The Blades and the Seal' requires you to select the speech option 'The Ansilla Key' to get the key from her. However, when talking to her, you can also select the option 'What kind of Help' or something like that (the first option) which would get you started on the quest 'The Last Gastyr'.

If you start the quest 'The Last Gastyr' at any point PRIOR to acquiring the Ansilla key, the speech option 'The Ansilla Key' will never then be available. So no matter what you do, DO NOT talk to Hillared Gastyr to start 'The Last Gastyr' before you get the Ansilla key. If you do so, you will NEVER get the Ansilla key, and you will NEVER finish 'The Blades and the Seal' quest.
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SPOILERS (Bugged Quest Details)

In Ysa, there is a quest to kill a house representative and retrievea set of daggers. Instead of killing the NPC and then looting the daggers, I decided to just pickpocket them and see if changed the quest at all. Unfortunately, the quest still wanted me to kill the NPC afterward so I saved after the pickpocket because I wasn't sure whether it would cause issues with the guards and if I should just leave the quest for later. I killed the NPC only to find that the quest still wanted me to retrieve the daggers, which I already had. Sadly, the only other save I had was way back, so I ended up shelving the game.
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