Her Righteous Fury

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4 years ago#1
It's in the Red Marches.
When you go to poison the cistern, the enemies never stop spawning. Which would be cool, if they didn't pile up until the game can't handle it and freezes. And then, even when you knock 5 bodies into the cistern, it doesn't update. AND THEN! Yeah, there's more. When you get back outside, it thinks you're still inside that cistern room and won't let you fast travel. Anywhere.
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4 years ago#2
I did not have this experience.

I did have to kill somewhere around 100 guys to actually get the quest done though, since they have to be poisoned and fall into the water.
4 years ago#3
You have to let your partner poison the enemies (or yourself if you have a poisonous weapon), and then knock them down below.

It'll keep spawning until the mission is done.
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4 years ago#4

^ when you know how to avoid to bug the quest its easily done.    my first attempt ended into having to load a earlier save and lose a hour n a half of progression but now Ive cleared it,made it through the hwole tomb of Fyragnos and now Im over with that bugged part. probly the only major bugged quest in the whole game

4 years ago#5
there's nothing bugged there, you just need to kill the enemies that companion of yours poisons so that when they dio they fall off the bridge. I killed maybe 10 of them when the quest was over.
4 years ago#6
I've kicked way more than 10 poisoned enemies into the water and it still won't update. It says I've done the 5/5 bodies, but it won't change to the next objective and she won't talk to me.
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4 years ago#7
I had no problems doing this quest. Far from it, I had so much fun doing this quest. As the others said, enemies keep spawning like rats until 5 died from poison. But I killed like 200 of them before letting the NPC net those poison-kills. Believe me, so much fun!
4 years ago#8
I just had this happen and it bugged out my game. I blew up the first three with aoe, then a bunch popped behind me, then more and more and more, then I accidentally clicked the door while looting corpses and I think that's what did it.

Now if I try to do it, I kill the first three, the quest 5/5 pops up for the poisoned mobs, and then:

"Keep on guard, there's more coming!" and..nothing.

Sucky part is I don't have any other savefiles other than autosave, so I wasn't able to go back to a previous one to fix/avoid this, so I'm stuck with no fast travel till a patch gets here, and not going to bother starting over with over 35 hours clocked in lol.

At least ME3 comes out tomorrow to keep me busy while I wait for a patch to fix Amalur so I can finish it xD

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