Can't go from playing this to Diablo III beta

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4 years ago#1
I got into the D3 beta today and I was unimpressed. KoA has spoiled me.
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4 years ago#2
you must be really easily spoiled or DIII is an absolute trainwreck

this game is good, but it's not even close to the best ARPG ever
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4 years ago#3
Opinions - everyone has them, everyone on the internet feels the need to express them in a manner that makes them look like facts.

Though I see how it would be hard to jump from KoA to D3, they're kinda far apart as genre and playstyle and one of them is in beta. Give it a shot after it's released.
4 years ago#4
DIII is top-down dungeon crawler, with little to do with combos and more skill-spam, is it not? It is kind of different from KoA since you rely more on spamming the same generic chain until the enemy gets staggered to death.

Not that there is anything wrong with either combat mechanic, I enjoy them both.
4 years ago#5
@djk2002: I know exactly what you mean! I got into the D3 beta and went through the limited portion of the game available with all 5 classes before I started playing KoA. Then I read about the most recent major overhaul of the skill & rune system, and thought I should take another look and see if the changes would improve my current opinion of D3. Unfortunately, while my opinion of D3 is even worse now, I'm unsure how much of that change is due to the recent changes, and how much I'm being influenced by my recent experience with KoA.

KoA is far from perfect, but the way they handle the skill tree/progression part of the game is WAY ahead of what they seem to be attempting to accomplish with the current build of D3.

@Sebooshak: You are absolutely right about opinions/facts! Of course mine are the exception to the rule <sarcastic grin>

Seriously though, while the D3 beta forums will show you many opinions/facts that disagree, it's my opinion that if Blizzard tries to release D3 'into the wild' in less than 4 months, it will be with a really simplified/flawed skill tree system that will only appeal to people who have never played the previous games in the series (or perhaps felt the old ones were overly complicated).
4 years ago#6
Diablo 3 dumped down for consoles, who would have thought about that ...
4 years ago#7
Raa1n posted...
Diablo 3 dumped down for consoles, who would have thought about that ...

dumped down. lol. IRONYYYYYYyyyyyy
4 years ago#8
^lmao, yes.
'Now I stand here, waiting.'-New Order, Blue Monday (The Beach)
4 years ago#9
Unless they just about remake the whole freaking game d3 is going to be my biggest disappointment from a game ever. Why could they not just improve on D2? Add larger skill trees, more levels, more areas, more classes etc? It's been YEARS, they could have made D3, D4, D5 and D6 by now..........if they used the original d2/expansion as a base to work on. I would have been much happier with that.

Oh well, teach me to get my expectations up.
No duckies, just drowning.
4 years ago#10
unless I missed something from Diablo 3(honestly haven't read much on it, perhaps i'll play it but probably not) there will be plenty who want to play it. Mostly just because it's a rather mindless game where they can think they are a god by killing 1000s of monsters with almost constant combat. for many who like D2 sadly they can't seem to get into games like this because it takes them out of combat way too much.

to each their own I guess, I'll take a game like this anyday over another like D2. Oh and of course I highly agree that blizzard's development time is way, way too long. almost makes you wonder how they can even pay for the time it takes...
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