Guaranteed set pieces?

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3 years ago#1
Hey guys, I'd like to know if there's a resource for finding where all the set pieces are; the ones that are hand-placed, that is.

So far I only know of Dirge's Dancing Shoes and Frostweave Shoes. Though I've gotten a fair share of set pieces, those two are the only ones I've taken note of appearing in three consecutive games.

My main character's not anywhere near end-game, level 26 and I haven't gotten into Detyre yet (I'm still at the point in the main story where I meet the king and have two main quests going to Agarth and Alyn), but I'd like to know about any specific places I should keep my eyes peeled for. It'd also help for the new sorc/finesse build I'm playing as.

Thanks in advance.
3 years ago#2
Pretty sure this is a set piece

It's called Hal-Sti's Helm or something. When you go to get the Alchemy skill book just carry on and at the end you will see a skeleton and a sword. Search it and you should get the helmet.
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3 years ago#3
If I'm not mistaken (not 100% sure about this), that set is the Universalist set and the only set that has the pieces spread out all over and guaranteed. The only other guaranteed set pieces are faction quest rewards. Everything else is random for set pieces.

Having said that, there's the Kellerac's Sword that is also guaranteed, you got it by either pulling the sword out or destroying the gem to get the sword. I'm not sure if there are other items that are just scattered in Amalur or not.
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3 years ago#4
Okay. I got Khas-ti's Helm beforehand; didn't know it was the same set as Dirge's boots, or that it was a hand-placed piece. The Universalist armor can't be the only set pieces that were hand placed, though. I've gotten the Frostweave Shoes in the north part of Glendara (in that little circular nook with three bandits) for three different characters. And for them to put in one measly piece alongside the entire Universalist set in the world, that just seems odd.

I'm going to go looking; I think I recall finding Belen's Greaves in one of the missions on my first character (the only set piece I actually remember where I got it), so I'll start there.
If anyone has any other pieces they know of, they're welcome to share!
3 years ago#5
Look up ManufacturedOpinionn's channel on Youtube. He has loot guides on where to find pretty much all of the set loot drops in this game, the Universalist set being one of them.

-edit- Here's a link to his channel, you'll find quite a few loot guides there.
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