Dead Kel DLC Mini FAQ - Unlimited Flawless Components

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***Who is this FAQ for?***
Anyone who wants to gain easy access to an unlimited supply of nearly all the best blacksmithing components without tedious farming/salvaging

Yes, this includes Flawless Damaging, Rallying, Arcane, and Energizing Bindings/Grips/Rivets as well as Flawless Everlasting Strings/Trims/Linings.

If you think this FAQ is TLDR, feel free to continue farming prismere trolls and Tuatha in Alabastra for countless hours praying for components.

***Purpose of this FAQ***
I didn't see this specific information listed anywhere else yet.

This is not an exhaustive walkthrough, just a step-by-step outline of how to gain access to this wonderfully efficient bonus "farming" method.

***Phase 1 (Stating the Obvious)***

Purchase 'The Legend of Dead Kel' DLC

Advance to level 40 before starting DLC content (lower levels might be fine, but I cannot confirm at this time)

Sail to Gallow's End, start adventuring and arrive at Camp Solace

***Phase 2 (I am the Keymaster)***

Find Padrig "Paddy" Dower and complete his Gravehal Keep questline

Here is the entire main questline:

Continue enjoying DLC content and doing the Gravehal Keep side missions, but complete Paddy's questline (finish 'Gravehal Tower') as soon as possible.

You will find building materials constantly as you gather loot from across the island, but the quest will point to specific loot piles that have exactly what you need. Easy!

***Phase 3 (Now Presenting: The Goddess of Mercifully Easy Loot)***

After completing 'Gravehal Tower', you gain access to your personal diplomat, Myfa Rhonwen. She'll be in the Keep immediately to your right as you enter.

Go introduce yourself, but don't send her out on any diplomatic missions just yet.

First, sit on your throne and complete the first 9 'Master of the Keep' tasks.

----NOTE: These 9 tasks involve finding all the new Lorestones, fully exploring the Tidal Pools dungeon, gathering building materials and pet food, etc. If you have been doing the other Dead Kel quests and exploring, it is likely you can complete most of these tasks instantly or by simply fast traveling there-and-back-again to fetch something.

The 10th task is to purchase Myfa some awesome new robes for 7,500g. Do it!

Now talk to her: Go on a diplomatic mission --> Emberdeep --> Tribute --> 5,000
(This step might be unnecessary, but it definitely can't hurt)

Wait for her to return (about 5-6 game hours) and talk to her again.

And now Myfa can work her magic.

***Phase 4 (Free Samples... almost)***

From now on, choose this dialogue path with Myfa Rhonwen:

Go on a diplomatic mission --> Emberdeep --> Trade --> 10,000

Wait for 5-6 game hours to pass (I just fast travel to Dark Harbor and back)

Return to Myfa. SAVE right before talking to her.

She will almost always succeed. (she has never failed once for me).

She will return with 9-14 random blacksmithing components: ALL FLAWLESS

NOTE: My Mercantile and Persuasion Skills are both Rank 10. (unsure if this matters)

The components are randomized when you talk to her, so reload if you don't get what you wanted.

Or, just do the mission again and again... and again. For only 10,000g you could likely afford it hundreds of times. No reloading required.

I am fairly certain that Myfa's potential list includes every possible flawless component.

I can confirm with 100% certainty that she can bring back all the components listed at the beginning of this post, though some are still rare. Be persistent!

Happy crafting!
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Good job and thank you!

I'll make sure to try this out when I get the DLC.
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You're welcome. Happy to help.

***Small Update***

When trading with Emberdeep, Myfa may occasionally bring back core components (Chestpieces, Blades, etc.) as well as building materials for the Keep.

However, the vast majority will be flawless components. This includes Hilts, Handles, Shafts, and Fulcrums.

Need Sagecrafting shards?

Just send her to Hrenloc on a 10,000g trade, instead of Emberdeep. About 50-75% of what she brings back will be random shards.
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Sexy. Bookmarked.
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This topic is pure genius. Well done.

I just finished DLC so, I'll have a go at your method for obtaining crafting components.
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Anachronistic13 posted...
...Wait for 5-6 game hours to pass (I just fast travel to Dark Harbor and back)...

or u can just sleep in the bed up stairs ;) 6 hours is the correct time, and this is a great find mate! ;)
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#7Anachronistic13(Topic Creator)Posted 3/26/2012 8:55:31 AM
n4bcake posted...

or u can just sleep in the bed up stairs

I constantly forget that this game has beds. Perhaps if Myfa would join me, I'd have an easier time remembering. =P
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1 question: Have you ever succeeded in a spy-steal goods missions? Myfa fails me every time i send her on a steal goods mission. I really want to know what goods she will bring back.
#9Anachronistic13(Topic Creator)Posted 3/28/2012 7:42:59 PM
Yes, I succeeded at a Spy mission to Emberdeep on my first try and never did it again.

All of my skills are Rank 10, so I am not sure which, if any, might help with that.

But to satisfy your curiosity, Myfa returned with 2 or 3 blacksmithing components, same quality as those from the Trade missions.

All in all, a waste of time in my opinion since the trade missions bring back an average of 11 components for only 10,000 g.

If anyone has received more interesting rewards from Spy missions, please share.
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