Sound issues from the demo?

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5 years ago#1
I really like the game, and I'm certainly going to buy it now (though on 360, so that I can get the Mass Effect 3 items since I'm getting that on 360), but halfway through the tutorial dungeon in the demo the sound got wonky. The music kinda died, but the ambient sounds and such kept on, and then NPC dialogue got messed up, it would ZOOM so fast through the dialogue that I literally couldn't read it.
Anyone else have this happen?
As long as it's not in the retail release, all is well.
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5 years ago#2
I had the same problems but after leaving the first dungeon
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5 years ago#3
Yea, I knew it wasn't just me, and I even unplugged and plugged my HDMI back in just in case to make sure.
I'm sure it won't be an issue in the main game, at least it BETTER not be.
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5 years ago#4

I had this happen only once after skipping a cutscene then didn't go away till exited the demo


5 years ago#5
Just the demo build (I know this gets said a lot), but beyond the devs explaining the reasons for it you can also tell by watching recent previews of game sites that have the full game. There's no sound issues in those builds, or camera issues. It's just how the demo was put together. It was either that or no demo at all.

Curt Schilling's reply on it (He's Ngruk):!!-Bugs-in-the-demo!!

BUGS!! Bugs in the demo!!
This was posted by Ian awhile back, it's no excuse for ANY bugs, but it's the main reason we have them in the demo.

From the lead dev:

"Unfortunately the only way to get both the demo and the game out the door on time was to branch the demo off of the main game a few months back, then try to copy over bug fixes from the main game to it where possible, while cutting out all the bits of the game that should NOT show up in the demo in order to get the download size down to something reasonable.

As a result, a great many polish bits and bug fixes from the main game didn't make it into the demo (some particualrly noteworthy fixes relate to audio cutting out or being significantly delayed). It's frustrating for us because we want the demo to be as shiny as possible, but in the end of the day we wanted to focus the bulk of our bug fixing and polish efforts on the final game rather than the demo. Hopefully you'll thank us for that on Feb 7th."
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5 years ago#6
Sounds like they were at least up front and honest about it, so that's cool. And I'm really glad they did a demo, I likely would have bought the game blind, after seeing gameplay footage, but it's always nice to play a demo when possible to make as sure as possible that I want any given game, and this one I'll be getting for sure. Should have a little over a month with it before my Collector's Edition of Mass Effect 3 shows up as well, as long as I get Amalur on day one, so that's cool too.
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5 years ago#7

This sound glitch totally ruined my experience. I'm glad I played the 360 demo first though so I got to see how great this game will be. You think the sound and framrate stuff will be in the full version? Not a fanboy (I only played the 360 demo 1st because it came out before the PSN one) but the 360 demo ran alot smoother, which makes me want to get that version, but I kind of want the PS3 version bc thats what I'm getting ME3 on. 

5 years ago#8
Sound Glitch reuined my PS3 Demo. If the full game is like I might just pass on it. its a good game but this no sound turbo reading is uneccessary.
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