master belne side quest [minor spoilers]

#1ZeroJinKuiPosted 5/7/2012 9:47:49 PM
ok, wow... i went into cann-rane to finish my last few remaining side quests... i did this winter fae's quest first.

...simple, kill a couple overlords, take the broken weapon to him to forge a new one to kill the witch knight anira.

the choices SUCK!

longsword, staff, and daggers?

i wasnt expecting anything incredible and awesome, but i atleast expected something... decent.

we dont even get a good variety, no greatswords, or anything?

whats even worse... the materials and attributes of the weapons are total crap.

longsword - iron, i think it is... just three empty sockets.

daggers - iron or steel, i never bothered with daggers so i dunno... just a socket or two i think, nothing special, either.

staff - ebony, with a fire element attached to it.

obviously, whoever designed this quest favored staves...

what i find stupid is... how does this guy take a PRISMERE weapon's remains and forge into iron/steel/ebony?

yeah, he's a GREAT forgemaster, downgrading such a powerful material into crap you can find so early in the game.

i tried again and again, too... they're not randomly generated, they're always the same material with the same set up.

they're only infrequent, too... green-named items.

well, i guess i'll just go sell the weapon after im done in this dungeon.

these prisoners to the tuatha apparently dont have very much hatred toward their captors.
"You think you can just come here and attack us?"
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#2ZeroJinKui(Topic Creator)Posted 5/7/2012 11:07:50 PM
...even more of an annoyance, the gem you get from farraglen is marked a quest item, and socketing it into the weapon ya get makes that a quest item.

luckily, just using farraglen's services, he destroys the gem and that allows me to sell the weapon.

wish it was that easy to get rid of all these items permanently marked as quest items.
"You think you can just come here and attack us?"
"You must be crazy, or just plain stupid!"-Meng Huo