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User Info: RUZLAND

4 years ago#1
I started The Travelers's first quest and am unable to steal the Grilicas medallion. This old man never seems to sleep. I tried Shadow Prisms to no avail. Even if I speak with him leave the inn and come back, the man never sleeps. Is it possible to steal the item without alerting the guards ? If so, how ?

User Info: originalname00

4 years ago#2
You can always steal it anyway and bribe the guards when they get to you. There is also an alchemy potion you can make that makes you invisible for a short time.
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User Info: HoIlywood

4 years ago#3
I think I talked to him and he walked outside somewhere, so I was able to sneak on him after that
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User Info: Elleena

4 years ago#4
Minor phasing potion for invisibility was how I did it and a later one in the Scholia Arcana series.

User Info: Scrapper

4 years ago#5
Smoke bomb ability worked for me.
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User Info: HoIlywood

4 years ago#6
Scrapper posted...
Smoke bomb ability worked for me.

heh I didn't know that worked on NPCs
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User Info: Jedah345

4 years ago#7
He slept for me he yelled bout blood plague then went to sleep then I proceeded to pickpocket him. Had similar problem with monk at st. Eadric's he nor left waited til we were alone and killed him.....

User Info: FranticFrenzy

4 years ago#8
What the flip?!
When I had to steal his medallion, he never slept or moved!
Luckily, I figured it out. When everyone else had their attention somewhere else,
I got as close to the guys' room without suspicion. I then roll inside, nab the medallion
in front of his face (at a 30% chance of getting caught), and succeeded!

He then examined himself to find out he was mugged, but never suspected
the random guy in front of him. :)
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