Future DLC and the franchise in general in jeopardy?

#11NasteemanPosted 5/19/2012 2:33:14 PM
As of right now, 38s has made their first payment on the loan, and do not have to make another for about twelve months. the only thing right now is some employees have not been paid, but that is only a temporary stop-gap measure. As of now, the company is relatively in the clear, and they have plenty of time to get things going, especially with the announcement of their MMO's release date (June 2013.) the company and game are not dead yet.
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That's great news. Glad it worked out for em...and for all of us (new DLC & games?)
#13NasteemanPosted 5/21/2012 12:08:51 PM(edited)
Yeah, I wouldn't count 38s out quite yet.
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I'm sure if EA thinks they can make money, they'll step in at some point. Amalur was a success, and I'm sure EA want to hold onto that for future sequels, prequels, spinofs, etc.
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Damn that one poparazzi in that vid was a total ****.
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This just in:
"Reckoning sells 1.2 m. units in 90 days."
According to Curt Schilling on Twitter:
38s ain't dead yet, folks.
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Come on KOA, I am pulling for you. I dont know how skyrim could have gotten all the press, with as many problems as it had. This game has only like 5% of the problems, and it gets no love.

They need to get some of these big names off the payroll, just get some local people, with GOOD ideas and tons of commitment. Maybe not some ex-baseball player. I can see him for a sports game, but for a RPG, not sure how that ever came about.

Thank you for sharing. I really hope this game makes it big.
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Oh well, it's official. All 38s and BHG employess have been laid off, and the studio offices are being closed. Sad to hear that. I had hoped they would pull thru this but, I giuess it was not to be ...
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And what about the rights to the franchise?
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ninjaman44 posted...
And what about the rights to the franchise?

Too early to tell. That's up in the air for now. We can only hope that some decent game publisher picks it up and runs with it. Who knows at this point.