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My Kingdom of Amalur : Reckoning (Ps3) Walkthrough (Archived)blue_wyvern0012/8/2012
anyone buy at toys r us? (Archived)axelfooley2k572/8/2012
Uh...the Chakrams.... (Archived)
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Curt Schilling interveiw on ABC News with Diane Sawyer (Archived)
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So is anyone enjoying this game so far? your thoughts? (Archived)
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Story (and villain)*Spoilers* (Archived)Sodalto12/8/2012
Kingdoms of Amalur (Metal Cover!) (Archived)redoubt900042/8/2012
question about the house of valor online pass code. (Archived)
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this game was just on sportscenter! (Archived)fafillionaire12/8/2012
Is smithing worth it? (Archived)rebellion213102/8/2012
Difficulty (Archived)khengsta102/8/2012
going sorc/might(mostly sorc), with chakram as main, whats a good secondary? (Archived)steveoSEK92/8/2012
Might be the easiest game Ive ever played (Archived)fafillionaire92/8/2012
so how is this game? is it good? (Archived)
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Can we turn off blood? (Archived)
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Played for a few hours and I had... (Archived)gin_382512/8/2012
Anyone having unresponsive button inputs? (Archived)Village Idiot92/8/2012
graphics better than demo? (Archived)roselight72/8/2012
Why no coop in this game? (Archived)Sprock26102/8/2012
Question about faction progression (Archived)GuiltyGearGod52/8/2012
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