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4 years ago#1
Credit to all board members who contributed and collected the information listed here.

Release Date: February 7th, 2012 in NA and February 10th, 2012 in Europe.
Platforms: PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360


A. Reckoning is an epic, open world role-playing game that gives fans their first experience with Kingdoms of Amalur, a new universe imagined by R.A. Salvatore, brought to life by Todd McFarlane, and designed by Ken Rolston and his team at Big Huge Games.

R.A. Salvatore is the creator of the immortal Drizzt Do’Urden and author of The New York Times best-selling Forgotten Realms series. Todd McFarlane is a Grammy and Emmy-award winning artist, writer and toy designer best known for creating the fantasy series Spawn. Ken Rolston served as the lead designer of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion before joining Big Huge Games development studio, the Baltimore, MD-based wholly-owned subsidiary of 38 Studios, based in Providence, RI.


- Reckoning takes place in the Faelands, a part of Amalur that is plunged into turmoil, pitting the mortal kingdoms of elves and men into war with the immortal Fae in a time period known as the Age of Arcana.
- There will be several environments that range from enchanted forests, grassy covered plains, deserts, swamps, coasts, and a dark themed land with shiny blue crystals everywhere you look.
- There will be 4 major cities and several smaller towns, villages, and encampments.
- There will be 125+ handcrafted dungeons, no two alike.
- The CEO of the 38 studios/Big Huge Games, baseball pitcher Curt Schilling, stated there is easily 200-300 hours of content in one playthrough.
- The game has a very specific level range for each area and depending on what level the player is when he/she enters the zone, the monsters will lock in to the most appropriate level. For example, a level 7 player who enters a level 8-11 zone would have all the monster lock in to level 8.
- Normal generic monsters will respawn over time and the average is 3 days in-game time, but it varies depending on where you're at in the world and how "believable" it is.
- There are three difficulty levels, in which enemies' hit points go up with difficulty, as well as scale the frequency of their powerful attacks and how many can be attacking the player at any one time.


- There is millions of pieces of Diablo like loot in Reckoning, with countless affixed items (that's where you get your flaming helm of the wombat), as well as hundreds of handcrafted unique items, all with their own lore, art, and stats.
- There are five colors of loot in Reckoning. Common items are white, infrequent and socketed items are green, rare items are blue, unique items are purple, and items that belong to a set are yellow. Set items and unique items are the rarest
- There will be 280+ armor sets
- In addition to being able to wield two of the nine weapon types in the game, you can equip your character with a helmet, torso armor, gauntlets, leggings, boots, and a shield. Your character can also wear two rings and an amulet.
- Weapons have a level requirement but armors do not, however. Armor pieces do require you to have "X" amount of points invested into the 3 trees.
- There is no encumbrance weight limit for gear. There is a 70 item limit, however.
- There are backpacks you can buy or find which increases your item limit.
- 9 weapon types. ( long sword, great sword, hammer, scepter, staff, chakrams, faeblade, dagger, bow).
this screenshot is for warcraft 3 players:
4 years ago#2

- The level cap is 40.
- 3 combat ability trees (might, sorcery, and finesse)
- There will be 9 non combat skills (persuasion, dispelling, sagecraft, blacksmith, alchemy, detect hidden, lockpicking, mercantile, stealth)
- You gain 3 ability points and one skill point everytime you level up.
-120 ability points possible for one playthough with 3 extra from tutorial
- You can respec both your combat & non combat skills for a fee.


- There are no predefined classes in Reckoning. Instead, depending on where you invest your ability points, you will unlock destiny cards, which are classes you can equip/unequip at anytime and you'll constantly unlock new destinies as you level up and invest points into the 3 trees.
- There are 40 destinies and 7 core ones
- Each destiny will give you bonuses to your stats depending on which you unlocked
- Some destinies will modify certain abilities, such as instead of your character rolling on the ground, you will teleport through enemies


- There are over 60 combat abilities
- You can mix and match any combination of spells & moves that you desire
- You will not be asked to memorize combinations like X, X, Y, Y, B
- Although the combat is fast paced, it is not a button masher.
- Combat is contextual. What your character does will change based on timing, weapons being used, and relation of attack to other movements such as block
- You will have 2 weapons equipped at all times and can switch between them at anytime by pressing X for your primary weapon and Y for your secondary.
- You will be able to have any combinations of weapons equipped. You can have a bow as your primary weapon and a huge hammer as your secondary. Its a fluid switch.
- When you gain enough fate energy by killing foes, you can enable reckoning, a feature where time slows down and you do insane amounts of damage while becoming highly resistant against incoming attacks.
- You can perform fate-shift kills, which are fatalities that incur an EXP bonus if executed.


- There will be 4 races the player can choose- 2 elven races and 2 human
- Each race will offer bonuses to your non combat skills
- You can choose a god to worship that will also offer you passive benefits
- You can be male or female and any combination with the 4 races
- You can choose from a list of preset characters or make your own character
- You can put tattoos or piercings on your characters


- There will be 6 factions in Reckoning, each questline taking 20-30 hours each
- Travelers (thieves guild)
- Warsworn (warrior guild)
- Scholia Arcana
- fae house- balance
- fae house- Sorrows
- 6th faction is unknown
this screenshot is for warcraft 3 players:
4 years ago#3

- Critters and wildlife in Reckoning will at times interact with each other and they follow dynamical realistic patterns
- You can summon a Faer Gorta minion, which is a skeletal bone-golem type creature to assist you in battle. It is upgradable, and hates chickens and will kill them in villages.
- There will not be systemic party members like Mass Effect, but there will be several main quests and sidequests, where you will have the option of having somebody assist you in battle.
- Everything in Reckoning is strictly bound to the lore and not randomly put in there "to look cool"
- There are a variety of damagetypes/effects, such as; fire,ice,lightning, poison, bleed, armor piercing
-No swimming but there are dive points where we so far have seen the character dive down to reach out for loot.
-completing certain tasks within the game will reward players with "Twists of fate" which gives permanent bonuses to the player character.
- All NPCs we encounter in Reckoning will be fully voiced
- At least Hundreds of in game books and scrolls notes and other interactable in-game items that will offer stories, worthwile information, and overall interesting stuff.
- Reckoning features a day/night cycle which is set to a 1:30 ratio
- You can compare and equip loot straight from the lootwindow. You can also mark items in your inventory as junk and then with one buttonclick, sell all junk-marked items at a vendor.
- Reckoning will to unknown degree impact and branch over to the oncoming MMO from 38 Studios.
- There will be DLC and we now know, (5 months from launch) that they are working on it at the moment.
- Reckoning is set during the age of arcana in the Amalur timeline where magic is coming back into the world.
- Reckoning is set 2000 years prior to the MMO that is also in development.
- combat features stuns, interrupts, knockbacks/knockdowns, and juggling
- staff weapons cast magic spells as their base attack chain - presumably the same for scepters
- Guards are not Psychic, meaning you can kill an npc in a town, run from the guards from that specific town, fast travel to another city, and the guards will be oblivious to your actions in the first town.
- There are capes on some armors, just not full-length ones
- There will be yellow exclamation points and question marks over npc's heads if they offer quests, but they will be optional. They will also show up on the map.
- You can fast travel to any location you’ve previously visited, whenever you’re outdoors (you can’t fast travel from inside a dungeon)
- There are lorestones spread throughout the world which give both lore and bonuses to stats when you find all the lorestones of a set in an area
- There are no mounts in the game, however, there is a sprinting option to cover ground more quickly.
- You can own houses in the game. Some houses will range from modest village dwellings to a massive castle. Each house is unique to its surroundings, and is acquired in a different way. Some houses are a reward for completing quests, while others play a more active role in the story line.
- Some houses can be upgraded to feature additional rooms, Sagecrafting, Alchemy, and Blacksmithing tables, and even pet monsters!
- Players can customize their appearance using a Mirror in their house
- There is a "stash chest" in your houses, where players can store excess inventory items in the Stash. For convenience, stashed items show up in every house, regardless of which house you originally stashed them in
this screenshot is for warcraft 3 players:
4 years ago#4

- Being caught for illegal activies (i.e. pickpocketing) can lead to being thrown in jail (many kinds) from which the played can choose to attempt an escape. Waiting the sentence out incurs exp penalty. When caught played can choose to pay a fine or a bribe in order to avoid incarceration.
- There are Gnomes in the game, but they aren't playable for the character. Some are good and some are evil, such as Templar Gnome assasins.
- There won't be romance quests, but there are "hints" of romance throughout the course of the game
- You can continue playing the game after you beat the main quest. Some content doesn't even unlock until you do so.

- Ogres with multiple heads called Ettin's
- Ogre like monsters called Bolgans
- wood-like Boggarts which are vulnerable to fire
- Niskaru demons
- fairly-like sprites
- spiders,
-Gnome templar assassins
- Kobolds
- trolls
- murghans
- bandits
- undead
- Barghasts
- Bears
- Wolves
- Brownies (very similar to murlocs from world of warcraft)
this screenshot is for warcraft 3 players:
4 years ago#5

- Brigands Hall Cavern demo-
- A Hero's Guide to Amalur-
- Pax 5 part demo-
- 45 min gameplay demo from Gamesradar-
this screenshot is for warcraft 3 players:
4 years ago#6
Great topic, sir. Really useful. This is an awesome amount of information. Good work!
4 years ago#7

- More customization options give you the ability to change hair styles, apply over 30 types of tattoos, you can adjust facial stubble for your beard, skin tones, and other cosmetic choices.

- Some items have unique ability's such as the lvl 5 quest reward for the dagger set Shine and Shadow, which does ice damage during night, and fire during the day. The weapons show real time particle effects for the type of elemental damage they deal.

- There are 60k lines of spoken dialog

- Although not officially confirmed, the general consensus is that the world size is comparable to Oblivion's 16 sq miles. A producer implied this but it isn't official.

- There will be no loading screens in outside exterior areas, only in dungeons and cities. There will be a loading screen when you enter a different region, though.

- The scholia Archana is your mages guild

- You can summon the Faer Gorta if you invest points into that skill. Not everyone will have one to summon.

- There is swimming, just not underwater swimming.

- If you are observed killing towns folk or guards they will remember your actions. You may have to find ways to appease your crimes by taking on quests.
this screenshot is for warcraft 3 players:
(edited 4 years ago)
4 years ago#8

This is a link to the most recent entry in Wednesday's Q&A's. The Reckoning team answers 5 questions every Wednesday and you can view previous questions answered in the first post where all the dates listed are pretty straightforward and convenient.
4 years ago#9
Thanks so much for all of this game info! This is looking to be awesome and definitely is a must buy for me.
4 years ago#10
bronze4v4pro posted...
- The game has a very specific level range for each area and depending on what level the player is when he/she enters the zone, the monsters will lock in to the most appropriate level. For example, a level 7 player who enters a level 8-11 zone would have all the monster lock in to level 8.

So let's say I enter a level 8-11 zone as a level 27, the monster won't scale to my level right?
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