the erathell's blessing

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User Info: ltwarblade

5 years ago#1
has anyone figures out ho to activate the 5 stones in the right order??

User Info: zyclonenuz1

5 years ago#2

From lowest to highest.

On the bottom right of the screen before you activate it it will say "inspect lowest,low,middle,high,highest stone" 

User Info: sirokipik

5 years ago#3
hi, the right order is : || || 1 2 4 5 3

User Info: itsrumsey

5 years ago#4
I didn't even know they were named when I did that quest... The woman tells you when you get the quest it was either highest to lowest, or lowest to highest.

I tried highest to lowest first, and that didn't work so lowest to highest was the next effort, and of course success.

User Info: sirokipik

5 years ago#5
sirokipik posted...
hi, the right order is : || || 1 2 4 5 3

my bad :/

it's : Noth, North-west, south-east, north-east then south-west

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