Location of the statues for Amman's keys

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Does anyone know where these things are? I have 4 of the keys so far and I have only found one of the chests. Just want to hunt the dam things down but not having much luck. Any help would be awesome.
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sir I ran over a women while i was driving!!!
what were you doing driving in a kitchen?
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All of them are in the zone where Shieldring Keep is located, forgot the name. Same zone with House of Ballads. It's fairly large so you might have to look around. I only got a purple longsword out of one of them and the rest were terrible.
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There are a bunch of them in. . . that woods right to the right of Gorheart's zone, the one that has the first Warbound Keep and the House of Ballads (forget the zone's name). Most of them are these stone cylinders, and all of them have curses that need dispelling. They are scattered all over the place there, at least 3-4 of them.
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Yolvan I think is the name of the zone. Most of them are in the upper areas of the zone, near the House of Ballads. They have some spell wards on them though, so be ready for that.
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I think I'm missing one, but that's 5 of them.
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I have the same question!
I know the location of the Amman Statues - I need the keys to open them after I dispelled them!
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While not listed in the quest log, you can acquire four different keys to
open the four Statues of Amman located in the east half of Odarath. The first
key you can find is at the Corner Shop, you have to buy [AMMAN'S KEY - WINTER]
or find it in the [ABANONED SACK] in the first Red Legion Camp. The [AMMAN'S KEY
- AUTUMN] is found during the quest Crisis of Faith in the Waterhall Downs.
[AMMAN'S KEY - SPRING] can be found in the House of Ballads' Summer Sanctuary in
a [CHEST]. [AMMAN'S KEY - SUMMER] can be found in the House of Ballad's House of
Accolades. Journey to the four corners of east Odarath and you will find one
Amman Statue in each.

- From my guide that has yet to be published. If there are any discrepancies let me know, but that's where I found everything.
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The only difference I noticed was that the first key you listed is bought from Gorhart Inn and it was called ESHERA or something like that rather than WINTER.
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sir I ran over a women while i was driving!!!
what were you doing driving in a kitchen?