this game isn't too easy for me.

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3 years ago#1
i maxed persuasion and detect hidden first and i'm finding the game decently challenging. i'm almost level 30, getting into the plains and detyre.

i would say that the money in this game comes a little easily, but i skipped ahead a bit on another save and i found that the weapons in rathir are really expensive. so yeah...relying on finds and buying stuff instead of making everything balances the game out.
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3 years ago#2
The game will become easy, trust me. However, depending on your build, hard can actually be challenging for a good amount of levels. Typically if you go somekind of hybrid early on and don't rush points into one branch, then you don't scale as fast and the game proves more challenging. If you pour points down one tree it becomes easy fast because of the great stats and scaling. Also different tree specs become good at different points. Sorcery starts slow but later breezes through the game with aoe nukes. Fit starts pretty slow as well. It will become easy though and you will def notice it. For my Might focused build it become easy very early on.
3 years ago#3
i didn't think it was as easy as everyone said it was. I'm playing on hard and beat all the factions and just beat the main quest. It wasn't hard by any stretch of the imagination though. There were some parts where it felt like a struggle and grind to get through, especially the road to alabastra.

This game draws familiarities to Fable but is nowhere near as easy as that game. I never came close to dying in Fable.
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3 years ago#4
I'm only on my first play through and started with normal. But I have to admit to finding the game hard to begin with, until I got to level 5 or so. The money was sparse and the items I looted were all crap, and the ones sold in stores were way too expensive. Then I put points into detect hidden and money and weapons/eq started flowing in. It's now ok, in difficulty and balance, but if it gets any easier, it will be a breeze thru affair.
3 years ago#5
play the witcher 2
3 years ago#6
I'm a Fin/Sorcery hybrid and kill enemies quickly, however I switched to a might build for a bit and noticed that I killed enemies noticeably slower. But of course I didn't take that much damage as well.
3 years ago#7
^^Next thing on my shelf.

I'm not disappointed, if anything I could crank up the difficulty. My point is just that the hardest difficulty is at the very beginning of the game when resources are scarce. After the first few levels, it's the complete opposite, the abundance of loot makes it a hassle free game.
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  3. this game isn't too easy for me.

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