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3 years ago#1
Is there a faster way to reload my arrows? Kind of annoying putting the bow away, then get it back out a few secs later.
3 years ago#2
Yeah, I found that annoying at first, mostly because I rely on ranged combat in RPGs like this. As you level up, you'll find that you can level up into different options that grant you more arrows in the "queue" so you can fire more before reloading. Later on, at 79 finesse and up, I believe, there's a perk that allows you to shoot multiple charged arrows at once, but it only counts as one arrow out of your queue, so you can kill a whole bunch of enemies without reloading at all.

I personally would shoot all my arrows (all charged for max damage) before using either daggers or faeblades. Switching between the two was actually a lot of fun, and daggers/faeblades are also leveled up in finesse, where archery is, so you can level up as a ranger type character and upgrade all three.
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3 years ago#3
Yeah Arrow Storm (20 Finesse) and Scatter Shot (70 Finesse) are a good way to shoot multiple arrows but only use 1 in the count.
3 years ago#4
I'm pretty sure scatter shot requires 50 finesse.

I really like using the minefield ability (gambit, I think, 70 finesse) with archery. You can use them for cover while your arrows regen.
3 years ago#5
Yeah, scattershot only requires 50 finesse
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