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is newegg selling the actual disc & booklet, or is it just a download? (Archived)
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Played the demo have some questions... (Archived)RPGNinja12392/2/2012
so, two(three?) decent reviews so far... where does it go from there? (Archived)
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Random loot or getting what the enemy actually has equipped? (Archived)SpikeJones76772/2/2012
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Anyone a little excited for IGNs review tomorrow? (Archived)
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Any video around? "IGN plays", "let's play" or whatever with the full game? (Archived)MestreRothGF22/2/2012
not trying to flame or anything, but wasn't this supposed to have 400+ hours? (Archived)
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Really 300 hours? REALLY? (Archived)
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Coming from a Skyrim fan, I have to admit, this game will be fun to play ALSO! (Archived)
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So in the demo, I died and had the choice to resurrect on the spot. (Archived)
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Can you be good and evil In this game? (Archived)iamnamtab72/2/2012
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