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Still in doubt about some aspects but I just preordered anyways because.. (Archived)RampageRalf51/27/2012
Sir Flamechamp can now officially concern that there'll be "Diablo" loot in KOA (Archived)
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"Online Pass" DLC was originally going to be the first paid DLC (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Any reviews for this game yet? (Archived)
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I really hope the bosses in this game are as good as darksouls (Archived)tiamat99961/27/2012
Heavy mage? (Archived)rice255571/27/2012
When did we find out about the online pass? (Archived)bladedwraith21/27/2012
can I keep my ME3 items? (Archived)BIAplaya21/27/2012
Thought on the demo: Focus on combat when you play! (Archived)darkfire943061/27/2012
Is there anywhere in the demo where I can practice sagecraft? (Archived)Dart_Feld731/27/2012
Do I get the ME3 bonuses if I delete the this game completely... (Archived)BlackBeetleborg71/27/2012
Why doesn't EA do this? (Archived)
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Assasin's Art or Hardy Constitution for mage? (Archived)DrDuckman11/27/2012
Map more than 4 skills? (Archived)
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Curt Schilling's Post on Neogaf (Archived)CthulhuDagon101/27/2012
What exactly are the factions for? (Archived)abbeldydoo41/27/2012
What will the online pass be used for? (Archived)MestreRothGF81/27/2012
My Impressions (Archived)john_freeman6971/27/2012
Cant stealth kill any gaurds or town npcs? (Archived)PinkestFloyd0771/27/2012
weather effects? (Archived)His0ka71/27/2012
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