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Those of you buying the game - any limited edition purchases out there? (Archived)
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Live chat going on now with Joe and Ken (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Scepters vs Chakrams for pure mages? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Is there a visual indicator of a mobs level range? (Archived)Xammblu81/24/2012
I'm very disappointed (Archived)
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Magic is.. (Archived)Aenisha61/24/2012
Camera needs better control and lock on feature. (Archived)
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Are the item unlocks linked to a EA account? (Archived)
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No save data then how does.... (Archived)
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Find Hidden is extremely OP (Archived)
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What kind of character are you going to make? (Archived)
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Does the Great Sword Special attack.... (Archived)Golem34571/24/2012
Toys R Us pre-order is only $45 (Archived)higherflyerJ101/24/2012
The ea manual for this game is already up and is informative (Archived)bethyreed81/24/2012
No Popup! for Mass Effect 3 unlocks (Archived)Grizzly-9961/24/2012
One thing that I love about the character creation. (Archived)Golem34521/24/2012
random observation (Archived)blablablax1721/24/2012
Great game... needs minor improvements (Archived)hellbentmf81/24/2012
Connection cut out before demo ended. Do I need to do it all again? (Archived)master_gamr123151/24/2012
yet another fable topic (Archived)joshua_nash21/24/2012
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