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Would you rather they focus on KOA 2 or KOA MMO? (Archived)
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Will there be any storage for weapons/loot? (Archived)Blackphant61/24/2012
Has the demo been removed? (Archived)Colt45_191161/24/2012
The loot has me very excited for this game. (Archived)lonesomeroad61/24/2012
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This or FFXIII-2 (Archived)
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Dungeons and the MQ. (Archived)LeonKennedy2841/23/2012
About Hybrid Builds - Not as impressive as the trailers made them out? (Archived)
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I think I found the perfect theme music for Chackham users (Archived)DarkOpsWolf31/23/2012
When do we non xbox live peon's get the demo? (Archived)Bone_Wolf71/23/2012
Based on the demo (Archived)nw6351/23/2012
Is this what its come to? Every new RPG being compared to Skyrim? (Archived)
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Anywheres I can read about the lore of Amalur (the world)? (Archived)Silk_Wood101/23/2012
Will we be keeping our items that we unlocked in the demo? (Archived)Pwnostar31/23/2012
Anyone else hate run animation? (Archived)CannondaleBob41/23/2012
Release date buy, or wait 1 month for $40 price (Archived)
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Do the different combat styles start to play/feel different after some levels? (Archived)BigRobb238981/23/2012
You see that mountain, over there? Can i climb it? (Archived)BigRobb238991/23/2012
To mister Crono Trigger Rules (Archived)
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