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User Info: hhhhasgame

6 years ago#1
it's fun(ny) but agrivating!
Having to use the stick for the crosshairs is hard. most targets you have to hit dead center and it's rough when you press over onthe stick just a tap and the hairs shoot over a mile... Then you can't see where they are.

If you've got this on your list... re-write your list. Rental at best.
MAY be better if you can get up to 4 people to play at the same time.

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User Info: Deathmetalgamer

6 years ago#2
I got this game on the wii and wish I bought it on the 360 cuz I would have already gotten half hte achievements... haha. Didn't know they had it on 360 until I went on gamefaqs

User Info: ShadowElite86

6 years ago#3
That's disappointing, I was hoping that the controls were at least as good as House of the Dead 3 on the original Xbox. My cousin has a Wii, so maybe I'll just rent it for that....although I do like achievements, lol.

User Info: Deathmetalgamer

6 years ago#4
I just got the 360 version, it sucks compared to the wii version.. cuz of the controls. The achievements are cool, but the controls are so bad I couldn't get passed the 2nd level on easy. I beat all the levels on the wii version easily...

User Info: Gucci_Mane_

6 years ago#5
Huh, this one is deff confusing.
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User Info: waxc3

6 years ago#6
i think this may actually be the hardest game i have played on the 360.
put it on Easy and i still die nonstop.
i can handle the controls okay but if thats the Easy setting... well its not easy. sure make Hard and even Normal really tough, but Easy? come on.

i fail this game because of the difficulty.
jab, jab, ->, quick kick, fierce punch.
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User Info: waxc3

6 years ago#7
okay scratch that.

the first level (the insect one) took me so long to beat. i must have continued a checkpoint 1 at least 15 times.
then the rest of the game i never died again.
it seems as tough the very first chapter is just overly difficult perhaps. everything following seemed simple.
jab, jab, ->, quick kick, fierce punch.
gamertag - waxc3

User Info: Swag_Chef

6 years ago#8
I'm in for one of these.

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