Remake Curse of Monkey Island?

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User Info: Raish5

6 years ago#1
Do you think they will? Or is it dependant on how well this sells?

User Info: crynryan

6 years ago#2
If not a remake, we'll get a straight up port of CMI. Hopefully that doesn't happen, because that would mean that LucasArts is just porting old games for more profit.

I think they will remake it, should come out next year sometime during the summer hopefully, because MI 1 came out in July of last year
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User Info: flybyshooter

6 years ago#3
Well it certainly will not happen if this title doesn't sell well... I really doubt they will do a port, most likely they will update the graphics to HD. Who knows we might even get new content. It's possible considering they seem to be adding new features with each release.
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User Info: WadePotter

6 years ago#4
Maybe a revamp of the graphics, but unfortunatly some of the voice actors may not come back. I've read that the gentleman who did the hotel guy passed away :/
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User Info: Milso

6 years ago#5
Curse was hand drawn and already fully voice acted. There's not really anything they can improve, a direct port would look just as good, if not better than these HD remakes.

Escape is a little more up for debate, as it looked horrid. Remaking it would require a lot of effort, which probably isn't worth it for a game that wasn't very good.

User Info: AuspexAO

6 years ago#6
CMI is done in hand drawn animation so an update would probably only entail resolution upgrades.
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