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StickyVindictus Board Sticky - All your newbie questions answered (Sticky)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
chocomog441/26 6:00PM
Any way to transfer things between servers?DarkSpyro92212/23 4:24AM
Any news on when Arisha is coming West?Codeaxis912/19 6:42PM
More than one body tattoo? (Archived)ADemonicMuffin110/3 9:17PM
Recommended armor set after BP Set - Fiona (Archived)Tyreal49/30 9:47AM
Anyone use a controller? (Archived)cuteboi10059/30 9:45AM
Did they ever add a server transfer? (Archived)Tesseus39/30 9:41AM
You can't play through Malina content at low level anymore? (Archived)Gen200069/18 9:38AM
Anyone else just see the vin tv commercial? (Archived)iDemonkai48/24 9:21PM
Lynn Playthrough (Archived)KadeAuron18/16 4:08PM
Anybody wants to skype and play? (Archived)YusefTaylor18/5 3:48PM
starting overpowered gear (Archived)Calimoccio28/1 9:55AM
new player here got a question (Archived)Darkneo2027/29 6:18AM
Can't sell to vendor? (Archived)Puckswack1237/29 5:31AM
i have played ffxi and pso before as far as mmo's go (Archived)Darkneo2027/28 2:23AM
where do i go to get beginning weapnsmithing finish? (Archived)returnofbeans17/26 1:39PM
Worth playing? (Archived)akechi41957/24 7:32AM
Best way to grind at 68 and 69? (Archived)chocomog77/22 6:57AM
Wednesday's no-more-jumping patch = this game is ~over~! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
manoir14177/9 6:19PM
Path of Destiny Issue (Archived)anime_aholic37/9 12:01AM
New character Lynn the Dancing Blade to be added this month (Archived)2ndAtomisk47/6 1:30AM
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