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Guitar Hero Live (aka GH7) is coming out to Wii U! (Archived)Retrostarman8714/14 8:40AM
Game still playable online (Archived)megamachopop15/25/2014
So is the physical guitar with this game compatible with all GH's and RB's? (Archived)David8000823/16/2013
The Wii U transfer and how it affects GHWoR (Archived)
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How do I activate powers in QP+? (Archived)DaedraMaster70227/25/2012
Help me with guitar Hero (Archived)shyhiem211/4/2011
Anyone thats good wanna play? (expert) (Archived)Metalface201110/13/2011
How is this game rated lower than Rock Band 3? (Archived)murb9258/1/2011
So... Guitar Hero is Kinda Over. (Archived)
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What combination of powers is good for quickplay+ to level up? (Archived)blastoise7597/12/2011
How do i create a new profile/file ?? (Archived)nickster65437/12/2011
why wont this work (Archived)i9px26/16/2011
So... Guitar Hero is revived!! (Archived)Retrostarman8726/16/2011
Easy way to level up on guitar hero warriers of rock (Archived)majlou1936/5/2011
pedal compatability question (Archived)IronBuzz24/22/2011
DLC is still available even though Guitar Hero is no more, right? (Archived)GameCuber1854/22/2011
Packing help (Archived)paul_kicks_ass13/2/2011
Please Help! DLC issues (Archived)shoon23272/6/2011
join the crew (Archived)motleycrue1980s42/4/2011
Game Skips/Freezes about 2 times a song for 1-2secs (Archived)some_evil61/26/2011
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