*Major Spoilers!* For those of who who played this DLC...

#1Lord_of_DemonsPosted 6/29/2011 6:52:00 AM
I don't have an internet connection to my system (it's in my living room, where's there no internet connection), so I can't download anything, but I would like to ask few questions.

So what is the story overall in this DLC? All I know is that it's about a female Angel from Heaven going through Hell.

What is St. Lucia doing in Hell in the first place?

When does this take place in relation to the main game? Does it take place before, during, or after Dante's journey through Hell?

Is Lucifer still the main bad guy, or is it somebody else?

Are there any new enemies and bosses in this DLC and if so, what are they?
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