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C/D the gnasher should only OHK on headshots

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4 years ago#1
i rarely get killed by point blank gnasher shots so this isnt me whining about getting raped. it just doesnt feel right if at the same range a gnasher does the same damage as a DB.
4 years ago#2
um, no
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4 years ago#3
Big Fan posted...
um, no
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4 years ago#5
I somewhat agree. Considering I get OHK`s with the gnasher all the time, but its a shotgun and shotguns are supposed to do that. It just makes the sawed off feel so useless. I mean, if you get an active reload you can one shot pretty much everyone with the gnasher.
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4 years ago#6
This person doesn't understand essential qualities to the Gears gameplay.
4 years ago#7

90% of peoples gnasher kills are body's not a headshot weapon at all. That'd be silly.

In fact, that 90% is probably still an understatement. Probably 95% of people's gnasher kills are body shots.
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4 years ago#8
i know that people use the gnasher for body shots, im not saying it should be a headshot weapon. i just think that it shouldnt be able to get one hit kills, but keep the HS so skilled players are rewarded.
4 years ago#9
...This is just stupid.

Yeah, the Gnasher can kill in one shot from the same range as the Sawed Off.

However, you seem to be forgetting that the SO requires zero aiming ability to do it. And can even kill multiple foes at once if they're close.

So there's no "weirdness" on the Gnasher's part. You have to be skilled to unlock the Gnasher's potential. (Besides, it's been this powerful ever since day 1. Only its range and rate of fire has changed.)
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4 years ago#10
Yes, lets change the gun that this entire franchises multiplayer was based on.

Wait, I'm being sarcastic.
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  3. C/D the gnasher should only OHK on headshots

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