hip-fire, pop-shot, hard-aim

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User Info: SF_Eclipse

5 years ago#11
whatever i want to do tbh but mainly hip fire for me

User Info: gsninja

5 years ago#12
I hipfire virtually the entire time I'm using a shotgun. I'll pop-shoot if the enemy's running away, although I'll generally end up switching to my rifle when that happens.
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User Info: Sensei2781

5 years ago#13
When in a close shotgun battle, i always hip fire, aiming will slow you down, medium range hard-aim, long switch to rife.

User Info: Hui_Tian

5 years ago#14
I almost always Pop-Shot, as that it doesn't take that long to aim with a Shotty.. the exception to this is if someone gets the jump on me or i'm outnumbered.

User Info: MantleNotMouse

5 years ago#15
I hip fire at close range...it doesn't usually work well, though. >_>
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User Info: manonfiya

5 years ago#16
What is pop-shot?

User Info: 9mmBullett

5 years ago#17
I never fire from the hip i find it too difficult. I prefer hard aiming most of the time and I pop shot from medium range and under.
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User Info: Bossfella

5 years ago#18
In Gears 2, I normally hipfire, because it's inconsistent no matter what I do, so I might as well get them off quickly.

In Gears 3, on those rare occasions where I used the Gnasher, I normally did the pop-shot thing. I'm guilty of hard-aiming with any weapon, due to being used to playing with rifles.
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User Info: oilersfan99

5 years ago#19
Gears ( 1 ) - Pop Shot
Gears ( 2 ) - Hip Fire
Gears ( 3 ) - Pop Shot when I can wallbounce, hip fire almost every other time. Since it connects so well, I didn't feel the need to hard aim at all.
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User Info: AhrimanTheStill

5 years ago#20
I normally quickly pop shot then hip fire then hard aim. Hard aim never with shotguns though pop shotting is far easier and smarter hard aim is really more of a rifles thing for pressure.
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