Final boss on insane difficulty.

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I still have my save from Gears 1 at the final boss fight that I just could not be bothered to keep trying, when Dom was more suicidal than in this one. I started 3 through on insane too, but then I remembered that it's just no fun; I like challenge, but there's a thin line between that and having to play the game so carefully that it's just an exercise in pain and boredom.
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Is there any other part that is harder than that? I just beat it earlier with 3 random people and I'd like to think the worst is over. As for how to beat it I just felt like we all focused solely on the boss and the grubs didn't bother us that much i.e. speed and luck.

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tired 3-5 times on normal arcade with 4 people.
we finally lucked out when all four of us grabbed a hammer and rained dawn on her wingy butt which ended the fight right there.
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I beat all of the game on Insane except the final boss, so in my opinion that's the hardest part. I did have a tough time with the end of Act III and Act IV Chapter V though.
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its all about luck!!! if the boss survive till the thrid attempt on the tower then its impossible to win!! the best way is to aim the hammer of dawn oh the boss head and hope u kill it before the third attempt!!

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I just stayed around my teammates so they could revive me if I got downed

I got through it without dying once

but this was on normal, mind you

ha ha
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I tried this again, solo, since I realized that AI teammates don't get downed by the Queen's attacks. It turns out it's actually easier since you don't have to worry about anyone getting downed, and the AI at the very least distracts the extra enemies running around. With the AI distracting them for the most part, you can pretty much run around grabbing ammo and restocking your Hammer of Dawn. It's a good idea to stay near your team if possible when shooting the Tempest so less enemies focus on you when you're trying to take her down. It may also help to mark enemies that are troublesome as the AI will focus their fire on them.

I still died a handful of times, but if you keep at it, you should be able to figure out a plan of attack. So yeah, that useless AI turned out to be a lot more helpful as long as you don't have any human players around as they can't decide whether to revive someone or shoot the enemy if they go down.

It may still be easier to have 3 people play on Casual while you play on Insane and have them annihilate everything. I'm pretty sure everyone chooses their difficulty in the campaign lobby before starting. If they're going to join in progress, they'll have to load up a chapter on Casual before joining.
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Tried this last night with 3 other guys from Gamefaqs and it was damn near impossible. I keep reading that you can ignore the Palace Guards because they aren't aggressive, but that was not the case with us. They were everywhere and there was just not enough of us to handle them. We tried splitting into two groups, one would handle the guards and the other would fire at the Tempest. Again did not work. Finally we did like someone else suggested and had 3 guys switch to casual and had the one guy on insane hide. Took turns switching to insane for each guy and finished it in less than 30 minutes.
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