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5 years ago#1
I'm considering importing this and the HD version for PS3, but since I know next to no Japanese, I was planning to use the English patch on the PSP version.

If I do that, will I still be able to transfer my save data between the PSP and PS3 version? I have no idea how the transfer works so excuse the ignorance if the answer to this is obvious.

5 years ago#2
i believe you can still transfer even if you have the patch. it just goes back to all Japanese text
5 years ago#3
Ok great, thanks, that's what I was hoping would be the case.
5 years ago#4
The english patch has no effect on the save data, so you can xfer fine.

That said if you plan to spend any time on the HD version I suggest not bothering with the English patch, the sooner you get adjusted the happier you'll be.
5 years ago#5
Yeah good point, thanks for the tip.

I'd rather do that anyway since I'm on OFW and a 3000, and completely out of touch with the CFW scene.

Also, is the transfer thing quick/easy, the whole reason I'm getting the PS3 version is because I like the idea of playing on my PS3 while I'm home, then my PSP whilst I'm out, so I'll be transferring daily.
5 years ago#6
Just be careful that you back up your save first, so you don't accidently transfer the blank save on the PS3 version to your PSP and overwrite your current save.
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5 years ago#7
Ok will do, thanks.
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