Punish Draw, Barroth, the crrrrrrrrest on Birdman's helmet

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4 years ago#1
I've been googlin' the nets looking for a definitive answer, and have not been able to do so. So ask ye (robots don't say ye), can punish draw on a weapon such as Heavy Blade (GS) break a barroth's crest?

I would assume no, since (to the best of my knowledge) punish draw doesn't change the cutting damage to impact, it just adds KO damage to it. I suppose in that case, does the slap count as impact damage? (I've been playing Heavy Blade for about 800 hours now, but I've only started fiddling with punish draw in the last 50+ or so... ^ ^;)

Hmm... maybe I can slap a barroth's crest off... I'll show ye...

Thanks for any insightful responses! ^ ^
4 years ago#2
You don't need impact damage to break its head. It's just easier because the head takes more impact damage than slash damage, and slash weapons with less than blue sharpness bounce off.
4 years ago#3
only impact.
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4 years ago#4
Ha...hai? @ x @

Two different answers, ha ha ha...

Well, this japanese wiki for MHP3 says "dageki kei no kougeki", which means "blow/strike damage type attack", so that would mean impact only... So I guess I should be asking if my assumption is correct, about punish draw just adding KO damage, not inflicting impact damage. I mean, that sounds pretty obvious, but I suppose hearing from someone who knows this specific mechanic for a fact would be affirming, but until then, I'll assume that a punish draw sword can't break it.

Oh, well then, does a slap from say a GS count as impact damage and not slash damage then? (Not that I would bother to spend the good part of an hour slapping a barroth until its ridge came off, as hilarious as that would be..) I know that from a veteran hunter it seems like a low-level question, but other than heavy blade, I've only played maybe like 20-50 hours of lance, so until using punish draw, it never crossed my mind to question it. ^ ^;
4 years ago#5
It just adds KO damage, using a GS w/punish draw you will never be able to break his crest, tho you will stun him faster, also lances can both break parts and cut tails, i just did the HR3 multiple barroth with a GS(3 barroths, 25 mins left) and i couldnt break his head, and yes, the slap does impact damage, but its better to use a hammer to break his head.
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4 years ago#6
punish draw adds ko, not impact.
slap from GS does impact.

shots (crag included) nor bombs can break his scalp.

"but lance can break the scalp!" lance does cut OR impact damage based on whichever damage formula is highest for the part in question (in this case, scalp).
4641 1656 3643; V.Joe/Dante/Vergil
4 years ago#7
Ah, I see. Thank you all very much for your informative responses. ^ ^
4 years ago#8
Lance only deals Impact damage with the Shield Bash or when Cut deals less than 72% of Impact. Barroth's head takes less Cut than Impact, but not by enough of a margin; if you want to take Barroth's crest off with a Lance, have fun with all the piss-weak shield bashing.
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4 years ago#9
Nah....I've already blow his scalp away with upstab from Toxic Javelin.
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