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MHPTunnel, Muhfreedumsunite Server down? (Archived)Vostramos35/28/2014
How to get the most out of bow coatings? (Archived)ipodmartin45/27/2014
Texture mod... for female armors... (Archived)robotoboy3035/21/2014
G-Rank Deviljho help please? (Archived)KageOni19455/21/2014
Completed Jhen village quest. I use longsword and greatsword. Which armors? (Archived)defacto0025/21/2014
Are any of the event quests (DLC) worth doing? (Archived)defacto0025/20/2014
Tips on Barroth? (Village 3*) (Archived)TBO_Yeong105/16/2014
Damage class removal and a couple of questions (Archived)
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I find this harder than MHFU. Am I doing it wrong? (Archived)MonadoMaster105/11/2014
About Jhen low-rank blademaster-armor (sorry if old) (Archived)Siegfried06635/9/2014
Melee Weapon Status Effect Mechanic (Archived)7flare44/13/2014
Switch Axe natural status + Element phial / raw + status phial ? (Archived)7flare64/13/2014
Pair of Thunderous Roars (Archived)Snishhkabab44/9/2014
jinouga Helm s Help (Archived)wakyplayer24/9/2014
How to defeat Rathalos in mhp3rd in hr 5 ? (Archived)Snishhkabab44/8/2014
Autoguard Talisman Help (Archived)dopecrackk34/5/2014
Favorite monster/area theme (Archived)Galaxy_54964/5/2014
Mhfu VS MHp3rd (Archived)Galaxy_54944/4/2014
To those still playing and have a PS3 (Archived)rockthat363/29/2014
Hmmm, a few question about the game. (Archived)
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