The Dunedain's name?

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5 years ago#1

Has this been revealed?

I was wondering if maybe they might go with Halbarad! Character that wasnt mentioned or even seen in the movies (sadly)

It could be a such a character that was sent by Galadriel to meet up with Aragorn in ROTK if the game concludes around say the defense of Lothloren?

Thats even if the game goes there. If that is not the case.I would at least like Halbarad to be in this game in some format, even as a NPC since the rangers were denied a huge part in the movies! Which I can see why introducing a large amount of characters(30ish)so late in a 11 hour movie might have been hard. But not having the Rangers and Elrond's sonsvirtually ruinedthe end of the Battle of Pelennor, which was so epic (and awesome)up until the end!

5 years ago#2
The names of the three playable chars.:

Eradan is a Dunedain ranger and part of the Grey Company, and he's a master tracker, quick fighter, and an expert archer. One of his unique skills is evasion, which allows him to move undetected by enemies. This not only lets you flank enemy groups, but can also let you revive your fallen allies without being seen.

Andriel is an elf from Rivendell; she's an agent of Elrond, sent to investigate the armies gathering in the north. She has more crowd-control abilities than the other two, but she can be customized to be very effective in melee combat as well. She has the ability to create a shield that protects the whole fellowship from enemy ranged attacks that can also slow down, damage, or stun enemies, depending on what choices you make in her skill tree.

Farin the dwarf is from the Lonely Mountain, Erebor, and has come to help repay his people's debt to Bilbo Baggins. He's the best tank of the three and has abilities that let him draw aggro and increase his armour and stamina. He has some crowd-control and ranged abilities, but his strength is really wading into a battle and fighting in close quarters.
Could I have some salamanders, please?
5 years ago#3

Cheers mate! Awesome.

Well I hope Halbarad and the Grey Company make some sorta cameo! :)

5 years ago#4

kangaox posted...

Cheers mate! Awesome.

Well I hope Halbarad and the Grey Company make some sorta cameo! :)

As in the 30 rangers that meet up with Aragorn in ROTK!

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