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5 years ago#1
I have been having alot of trouble with this game freezing during co-op and single player levels during loading screens just wondering if anyone else has had this problem at all
Gameplay matters, not graphics
5 years ago#2
Most of us don't have it yet, so chances are, you won't get a complete answer
5 years ago#3
What model PS3 are you using? I had ZERO freezes on my 60GB launch model which was running all weekend, so I'm curious. as a friend of mine picked up his pre-order yesterday but hasn't played it yet thanks to having to travel out of town until Friday. He has a slim now, but I think his "old" fat PS3 is over at his brother's place and still works like a charm....
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5 years ago#4
Haven't had any freezing at all with my copy. I've put about 3 hours on the game and it's ran pretty darn smooth. Nice to be playing another Snowblind hack 'n slash!!!

Awesome game for sure!
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5 years ago#5
And I stand corrected, I forgot that reviewers can talk now :P
5 years ago#6
I have a 120gb slim I did read a reviewer had a problem with the 360 copy but thats 360 lol I may try returning my copy then the system if it keeps not working
Gameplay matters, not graphics
5 years ago#7

I also have experienced some freezing, I hope they fix this it happens frequently.

5 years ago#8

This game would be pretty cool if I could play it. It crashes constantly to a black screen. None of my other games do this and I have been playing BF3 constantly. Anybody else having this issue, may take it back and see if I got a bad copy. :|

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