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3 years ago#1
But how do you activate "heroic mode'?
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3 years ago#2

Did you google it. ??? i get hits. and If I just do a search here of mode.. but that searches the topic titles.. if people would put there quests in the topic, then we would ALL be helped more, by the results.

It seems like its kinda auto-matic. if you do enought damage fast enough. so you dont really activate it.. its just happens if the right criteria is reached.

some stuff died so fast, that hero mode really did nothing. its only good on really big tough stuff, I think.

Search, there are posts on it. I Hardly ever used it, if not never. i played on easy.

good luck.
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3 years ago#3
When I ran through each playthrough with the Ranger I noticed that hero mode out, most of the time, activated after I landed a heavy blow on a foe with that little yellow triangle above the head. This let me spin like a beserker and decimate a whole horde sometimes just due to timing.
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3 years ago#4
You beat the game. I forget the order, but it starts with Normal, then there is Heroic and Legendary I think. I think Legendary is last, but I could be wrong. Each time you complete a playthrough, a harder difficulty becomes available.

You also carry your level, and all money/gear with you to the next play through, so all in all, it's not much harder
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3 years ago#5
Its activates when you finish off an enemy without taking any hits. Has to be a critical finish though.

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