help with nordinbad...(spoilers)

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5 years ago#1
Ok, I've made it this far in the game as the ranger. It was going great till the Olok-hai both appear. I know they are supposed to run to the gate and actually one will stand there if you don't hit him.

I can't do gate only has half of its bar, and only takes about 4-5 hits before it's broken and I fail.

Can anyone help me with a way to beat this part of the game? It's very frustrating, and I'd like to actually beat the game.....

thanks much for answers.
5 years ago#2
If you can't get any help online, try using the Dwarf. If you haven't leveled up the Dwarf, I suggest getting maxed out Explosive Bolt ASAP. It can all but kill a Troll in one shot. I'll be on later, around 5 EST or so. Send me a message, I've got a maxed out file at 40 I can help you out. My tag is otakon17.
5 years ago#3
Don't give up hope. I also was in this situation because I let too many sappers get by, and it only took two blows to destroy my door afterwards. After discovering I could not restart this campaign from the beginning (this game has the most unforgiving save system ever), it took a few tries before I stumbled upon this method.

The way I beat this was first to stay put on the lower level when this section began, and not to follow the 2 armored trolls upto the castle door. Instead have your AI mates defending you while you attack the 1st troll. After you slay him, you will find the 2nd troll daydreaming (life-saving glitch?) at the castle door, and you need to draw him as far away from the door as you can and then annihilate him. I hope this works for you as well. Good luck!
5 years ago#4
uuhm deckard, you can start a new game, just press the back button when youre in the main menu, you get the option to start a new game ore to load a game. And i also finished this part with the ranger, i used the more powerfull arow shots to kill the trolls fast. Just like the bolts from the dwarf they do alot of dammage and really help you. If the attack youre gate just attack every one so the focus on you, and don't use evasion because that will make them attack the gate again.
5 years ago#5
Yes, you can start a NEW game, but you can't restart a playthrough with your current character from that file.
5 years ago#6
(spoiler) you can if you finish the game.
5 years ago#7
(spoiler) you can if you finish the game.
5 years ago#8
Well aware.

But how does finishing the game help get stronger to beat the defense of Nordinbad when you can't exit the defense of Nordinbad to get stronger in the first place?

Pretty much useless.
5 years ago#9

I was in the same boat here.  What Deckard said worked perfectly for me first try.

5 years ago#10
This part of the game is depressing as hell. Why would they design it to be this way? =( None of the tricks mentioned in this topic work for me... well it was a fun enough game while it lasted I guess. Don't know when I'm gonna feel up for starting over again =/
But the thing that makes Woody special, is he'll never give up on you... ever. He'll be there for you, no matter what.
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