couple of questions

#1noone22Posted 12/18/2010 12:32:27 AM
is there a difference between xbox and ps3 version and can you charge the spinners?
#2params7Posted 12/18/2010 2:40:33 PM
No. Don't understand your second question..change or charge?
#3noone22(Topic Creator)Posted 12/18/2010 5:08:58 PM
charge, you know when you come down the pitch?
#4params7Posted 12/21/2010 7:42:58 AM
you mean increase decrease the bowling speed? Yeah you can do that.
#5noone22(Topic Creator)Posted 12/21/2010 4:46:47 PM
no, you know how batsmen come down the pitch to a spinner? i meant that
#6subtekjnrPosted 12/21/2010 10:05:04 PM
Dancing should be the same as Ashes 2009. L1 and L2 on PS3, I don't know for Xbox 360. You can do it to anyone
#7noone22(Topic Creator)Posted 12/21/2010 10:38:35 PM
ok thanks, i didn't have ashes 2009 so i wouldn't know again thanks to both of you