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5 years ago#51
Thanks guys for the help - it was very early and was just not in the mood for patience lol. I did notice the chair but for some reason I keep forgetting some objects can be "manipulated" instead of your typical point and click adventure. Thanks again. *slaps forehead*
5 years ago#52
No prob. :)
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5 years ago#53
Ok, now that I purged the virus, how to you get out of the room ? The door is sealed and I do not know how to get the water to flow through the drain.
5 years ago#54
The plate near the tunnel underwater tells you that the water will be flushed if the temperature gets too high. When you collide two lasers in the puzzle, it says that there is a good amount of heat coming from the collision. However, it's quite obvious that one or two separate collisions don't generate the amount of heat required. But, what if all four lasers collided at the same spot?
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5 years ago#55
Wow! I never thought that my stupid topic would got so many messages

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