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Game is plagued with wall hacks and lobby glitchers (Archived)Darkest_Evil212/4/2012
Best perk/gadget/class combos? (Archived)Darkest_Evil110/8/2011
This game.... (Archived)seb0318/13/2011
I'm pretty sure even the devs have given up (Archived)TheYokoFactor63/24/2011
How do u boost? (Archived)RyanGrieder13/18/2011
Moving to dedicated servers and upcoming patch. (Archived)
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Why are people mistaking "polishing" for "completing"? (Archived)Professor McPinch52/21/2011
Walking feels like I have 2 5 year olds hugging my legs while they stab them. (Archived)
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The Breach Online Community (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Anyone want to explain the new update? (Archived)HIND14642/16/2011
Game is dead already. (Archived)ATARIJAWA62/12/2011
Just need 1 person to boost. (Archived)
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Oh lord... (Archived)PingPong536172/11/2011
This game is a joke (Archived)
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i dk about this game, so how do you boost in this game? (Archived)RyanGrieder32/6/2011
Breach is great. (Archived)FoBiA62/3/2011
Would you pay $60 for this game? (Archived)
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No Single Player = No Buy (Archived)
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For a shooter they even missed some of the most basic details... (Archived)
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If you want to play breach play it on the pc. it's like 200x better. (Archived)knightimex62/2/2011
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