Looking for fun college adults with mics to play sexy time with

#1KirbyWithAGunPosted 3/26/2013 7:29:45 PM
My voice is incredibly unsexy, sorry to disappoint. I make up for my very large boobs.... unfortunately I'm a man, so all the guys reading this, sorry... To all the ladies, I have a webcam and I might rub them for you. Moving on, I am spamming gamefaqs with random topics like this because I have come to a realization that my imaginary friends I kept dear to myself since elementary school are not very nice and are not gamers... So here I am!

I am 21, looking for other people around that age. I typically cannot stand teenagers, so bugger off if you're not legal-I mean old. I typically try to avoid making these threads like a dating website profile, but I kinda have to here. I listen to a large variety of music from techno to metal, hip hop to classical, etc. I only hate death metal and black metal... and sometimes crap like bubble gum nonsense (for example, I do not enjoy Justin Bieber much, but I do like maybe two or three of his songs). I probably hate some other genre of music, but that is all that comes to mind.

If you're a fun person that don't this game seriously, add me up because I'm terrible at the damn game.

MY username for Skype and Steam is: WarDeathFun